2M.MEDIA and its affiliates are committed to maintaining the confidentiality, security and accuracy of personal information (defined below) that are our custody or control. This Privacy Policy aims to inform you of our privacy practices regarding our collection, use and disclosure of personal information.

    This Privacy Policy does not apply to the personal information of our employees, consultants or other individuals assigned to 2M.MEDIA, as well as any information that does not constitute personal information.


    2M.MEDIA is responsible for the personal information in its custody or under its control, and has chosen a privacy officer, who must ensure compliance with this Privacy policy and applicable privacy laws. For any concerns, questions, requests or complaints concerning the Privacy Policy or the management of your personal information, please contact

    info@2M.MEDIA / 450-667-4360, or by mail at:
    2584, boul. le Corbusier,
    Laval, Quebec, H7S 2K8


    Personal information

    The types of personal information we might collect may include your name, address, phone number, email address, contact information, financial (credit or billing) information, as well as any other personally identifiable information (personal information).
    Gathering, use and share
    Personal information may be collected through your voluntary communication, by using our services or Websites, purchasing our products, subscribing to our publications, via a registration or registration forms, surveys, a participation in a contest or other promotion, or by third party agents, co-contractors, vendors or suppliers who are providing products and services to us (the Service Providers) or third party business partners to whom we provide our products and services.

    We collect, use and/or disclose your personal information for the following purposes:

    • to create and maintain the accounts of our customers;
    • in order to provide the product, service or information you requested;
    • to send you information about products and services you asked, or to answer your requests and questions;
    • to process payments and collect outstanding balances;
    • to spot errors, fraud, theft and other illegal activity, and be protected against them;
    • to better understand your needs and preferences;
    • to execute commercial operations;
    • to offer customer service;
    • to organize and run contests and/or surveys;
    • to inform you about new offers and promotions;
    • to comply with legal requirements; and/or
    • for any other purpose, for which you would give your consent.


    Communications at 2M.MEDIA.

    We can share your personal information within our organization in order to better serve you and inform you on the products and services offered by 2M.MEDIA.

    When you’re providing us your personal information for a job opportunity, which includes your CV, we will process that personal information on a confidential basis, and use it only (i) to assess your candidacy for current or future employment opportunities within 2M.MEDIA, and (ii) to contact you for such opportunities. We’ll keep your personal information for future job opportunities within 2M.MEDIA, unless you’re asking us not to keep your information.

    Communications to our service providers

    2M.MEDIA operates in Quebec. We can transfer your personal information to to service providers acting on our behalf for the purposes mentioned in this Privacy Policy.
    We’re taking reasonable measures to ensure your data is handled appropriately and securely, in accordance with this Privacy Policy. However, this is subject to legal requirements in applicable foreign countries.

    Communications in the context of commercial transactions

    2M.MEDIA may take part in sales activities, the merger or restructuring of a part or all its business or assets. Within the context of these transactions, 2M.MEDIA can reveal your personal information to the acquirer or new business identity. Should that happen, 2M.MEDIA will require these third parties that they commit to protect the confidentiality of your personal information, in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable laws regarding the protection of Personal Information.

    We’re making reasonable efforts to make sure your personal information is used and shared in accordance with our Privacy Policy, unless we’ve received your consent for other purposes, or as otherwise allowed or required by the applicable laws.


    We’re gathering, using and sharing your personal information with your consent, or as permitted or required by law. Your consent can be express or implied, depending on the circumstances and applicable laws. When you’re giving us personal information about someone else,, we’re considering that you’ve obtained valid consent from that person, thus allowing us to collect, use and communicate this information, in accordance with this Privacy Policy.  Any online communication we’re sending to you, whether on our behalf or on behalf of a third party business partner, will include instructions on how to unsubscribe from any future similar communication. If you don’t consent, please don’t share your personal information to us, or, when applicable, please unsubscribe or contact us to this email:

    Please note we may note be able to provide you services if you withdraw your consent to some of your personal information uses.


    2M.MEDIA sometimes collects personal information through its different Websites. This section contains additional information about this collect.


    By using a browser function called “cookie”, as well as other methods, 2M.MEDIA and its service providers can gather non-personal information when you’re visiting our Websites, such as data regarding the frequency of your visits on our Websites, the length of your visits, the number of pages you’re visiting, and the type of Internet browser and operating system you’re using. A cookie is a small text file containing a unique identification number that can identify the visitor’s browser, without necessarily identifying the visitor, to our computers each time our Websites are visited. Information about individuals who are visiting our websites is collected anonymously, which means no personal information is associated with this data, unless the visitor is specifically providing us (i.e. subscribing to our services or sending us a messages via one of our Websites).

    Besides the purposes identified in this Privacy Policy, we can use the information obtained from our Websites, and share it with other organizations we do business with in order to calculate the use of our Websites, and to improve their functionality or content. 2M.MEDIA and its third-party service providers also can use cookies and Web beacons to deliver advertisements that are relevant and targeted to the interests of visitors to our Websites.

    You can manage your cookies by installing a third-party program or resetting your browser. Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies; however, you can delete or or disable your cookies by changing your settings. If you decide to disable cookies on our Websites, you may not be able to fully take advantage of all our Websites’s features.
    Online communications
    If 2M.MEDIA has identified you as a registered user of an online service we offer, we can combine and store information regarding your use of our Websites, and the online information that you’ve provided to us, along with some other online and offline information we may have collected.

    Public forums

    Some of 2M.MEDIA’s Websites make chat rooms and other public forums available to Internet users. Voluntary sharing of your personal information in those forums isn’t governed in this Privacy Policy. 2M.MEDIA isn’t responsible for any information shared in its chat rooms and/or forums, and all such voluntary communications are of a public nature, and at your own risk. While it’s prohibited to use our forums to obtain email addresses for the purpose of sending unfounded or unsolicited messages or spamming, third parties may still store your email address if you post it, and then send you messages; we can’t control such actions by third parties. We advise you to be careful and attentive every time you’re using Internet.


    For your convenience, some search functions are sometimes available on our Websites. We’re keeping archives of search terms in order to learn more about the type of information our visitors are looking for, and thus improve our products and services.


    For your convenience, 2M.MEDIA may include hyperlinks to Websites operated by third parties. By clicking on those hyperlinks, you’ll leave 2M.MEDIA’s Websites for those of third parties. You’ll then possibly be subject to different privacy protection policies and practices. This Privacy Policy no longer applies when you’re leaving our Websites. Please read the privacy policies of those other parties before sharing personal information on their Websites. 2M.MEDIA isn’t responsible for the gathering, use and share of personal information of other parties you may access from our Websites, and accepts no responsibility in this regard.

    People under 18

    People aged 17 or under should not provide or share personal information on our Websites without the permission of their parents or legal guardian. However, we could ask personal information from someone aged under 18 for a contest. If that’s the case, we’ll ask the individual’s parent or legal guardian consent before collecting the personal information.


    2M.MEDIA has implemented reasonable security measures in order to preserve the personal information we’re in custody or control of. Any personal information held by 2M.MEDIA is archived in a reasonably secure environment, depending on the nature of the information.  Credit card information is processed with a common encryption technology, according to industry standards. 2M.MEDIA limits its gathering of personal information to only what’s necessary for the purposes identified by 2M.MEDIA, unless otherwise allowed or required by law. Credit card information submitted to 2M.MEDIA is only used to complete the purchase and make shipping arrangements (when applicable), and/or do a credit check (when applicable). Our security policies and procedures are reviewed periodically and enhanced as needed.

    Only our employees, agents, partners or authorized service providers can access your personal information, and this, under our custody or control. We require all of our employees, agents, partners or authorized service providers who are handling personal information to use the appropriate precautionary measures, in order to ensure security and privacy when handling this information.


    We’re making reasonable efforts to ensure your personal information remains accurate, complete, and as up to date as possible. We will not update your personal information on a regular basis, unless doing so is necessary. In order to help us keep your personal information accurate and up to date, please let us know of any changes as soon as possible, so we’ll update our records.

    If you wish to ask access to your personal information we’re in custody or control of, or if you’d like to bring changes to it, please submit a written request to our privacy officer, at the following address/numbers indicated above. In all cases, we will process requests for access or modifications in accordance with applicable laws.


    2M.MEDIA reserves the right to modify its Privacy Policy at any time. Any such changes will be posted on 2M.MEDIA’s Websites, and will be effective immediately upon posting. We’ll take reasonable measures, if needed, to inform the individuals concerned about any important change. You can contact our privacy officer at the address or numbers indicated above in order to receive an up-to-date copy of our Privacy Policy.